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Savannah Seeger

Owner of Simply Savannah Art LLC

A Bit About Me

Hey everybody!

Thank you for stopping in and wanting to get to know a little bit about me. 

The first thing you have to know is that I want our photo session to be SO relaxed. I want you to feel like you're just hanging out with a friend and creating art. I also want to add that I do keep things professional of course, but you will have to excuse my French once in a while. You might get a "HOLY FUCK, this is gorgeous- hold that pose!"

Just keep all this in mind prior to booking with little ol' me- if that's not your cup of tea then I may not be the photographer for you, and that is totally okay.

I have been doing photography for the past 10 years. 

I don't have any fancy photography degrees, I was just a kid with passion and a dream who decided to push myself like crazy to accomplish that dream. Doing art full time and seeing the world while doing it!

I did work at a camera store for 3 years doing sales and also running the photo lab, processing film and printing prints. Not to mention I have always been that "weird art kid"- in high school, painting was my obsession. I mainly worked with oils and one day I was gifted an old DSLR from a family friend... I then realized I could take images and I didn't have to wait for 'the paint' to dry. I could make art in a camera in a matter of seconds!

I then began messing around with photoshop in a photography class in grade 12, experimenting with all the different ways you could manipulate an image into art. 

It wasn't a "STRAIGHT TO SHOOTING FANTASY" type of process, it was slow and gradual burn to where I am today. I started out shooting boudoir because I loved the idea of 50's pin up magazines- but I soon realized that there is only so much you can do with this. So I tuned into my roots of growing up on Labyrinth, reading Brian Froud books, watching fraggle rock, and playing mermaids in the pool... and decided to give fantasy photography a go. The rest is history. 

I have been to roughly 8 countries and about 20 states creating magical works of art and of course leisure. Experiencing different cultures and tuning into local folklore to enhance my imagery.

I am an avid sword collector- and I also collect Norwegian trolls. (The collection is alarming- haha.)  Have been a metal head my entire life, countless concerts since the age of 14. My top 5 favorite bands are Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Death, Tenacious D, and Candlemass. Huge into doom, progressive & thrash metal, Russian rave music and also outlaw country. I thoroughly enjoy cooking, & baking as well. At age 10 I would bake cupcakes for my dad to sell at work and donate the money to the local animal shelter. Top movies are Labyrinth, Detroit Rock City, The Doors, Pans Labyrinth and The VVitch. My favorite colors are green and black. I love moss, pickles, spicy Korean noodles, my dog Ludo, highland cows, trees and Game of Thrones. Yes I think it ended terribly! 

I derive inspiration from various sources, whether its from a song, driving down the open road and daydreaming up a concept or recalling all the brilliant works from Brian Froud and John William Waterhouse I have hanging around my home. I believe inspiration is always coming and fleeting, you just have to grasp it while you can and run with it. Fantasy photography is limitless. Your imagination is the limit. There will never be a day where every stone has been turned in the fantasy realm.

There is enough room for everyone here, and I fell in love with that concept. 

I want everyone to look at my work in a sense that "Hey, that could be me in those images."

I want every individual on this earth to feel represented in my photography and I know it is my sole mission to continue to do so. So let's work together! Let's represent you. Let's represent your fantasy! The sky is the limit. 

Thank you for reading. 


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