Want me to travel to your state?
Don't see your state or city on the travel dates? Recruit 3 or more of your friends to book a session and I will come your way! 




Albuquerque/Santa Rosa NM: April 28th-May 5th

New Orleans LA: May 22nd-26th

Orlando FL: May 27th-31st

Cincinnati OH: June 9th

Pigeon Forge TN: June 9th-12th

South Carolina: June 12th-14th

Atlanta Georgia: June 15th-17th

Nashville TN: June 18th

Iceland: July 1st-8th

Bristol WI: July 14th-31st

San Francisco: August 10th-12th

Los Angeles: August 12th-16th

Salt Lake City Utah: August 17th-19th

Minneapolis Minnesota: August 26th-29th

Portugal: September TBD

Sweden: September TBD

Croatia: September TBD

Bangor PennsylvaniaOctober 22th-24th

Mid & Upstate New York: October 25th-28th

Salem Massachusetts: October 29th-31st

Austin Texas: November 11th-15th

Hawaii: December TBD